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There's all kinds of things I can do to improve it, but so far it is able to read in text, and generate new words based on said text.
The goal was to make a program that can create random fake words that are still readable.
It might be useful for things like fake country names or just as a general inspiration. Here are a bunch of words generated by using a list of all country names as input:

sustratia, sostranze, ugoladesh, lugaiwane, nicamarti, camaijiba, arinduind, tozamisth, azakindof, cagalaran, gerolilan, korederla, arkerinia, fibalamee, mandiving, brlateyce, palistral, pobalevin, sambourka, aratheria, mankistin, burkracar, zilakigua, halexiven, irocedago, tutacarua, turivijas, manitomos, paderbago, nopinchea, palarbana, burundago, irubekish, lechilane, verbudivo, sistralda, manalvend, zingolban, halambant, slandouru,

For some reason they all sound kinda african. Africa does have a lot of countries I guess...

Or star names:

scubarida, melistlas, mininuchi, nubembelb, bopuscuba, mitatalen, acuntabdi, alsulanis, aliptetel, durabiske, ziothator, hetniyrma, astebashr, cenaristh, azmirfera, kuphibuda, tirfarneb, kacollhas, malaneteb, pobibelga, prvanfira, dsteronel, dnkafedab, alipelbak, artaldhis, dhamalham, nuchachin, secchenki, galalrcus, ellacosma, aldaashin, mebsuubba, dabintala, haechelfi, alafircth, allapegit, dullbatrk, alchaukas, prebudisa, thaudrnam,

bodicorus, heryllius, hylluosphon, phosphorine, nilinuorine, sosphogen, sumitrbon, belinuorbon, licosphon, suorylius, fluorogen, helithorine, helithium, herygelinum, alfumitrognen, besithoryliur,  nelithosphorognen, phorognen, belitryluon, cagnesphosius, suoryluon, phorinesphosium, hydrognen, sogelilicon, nesinuminum, nithiuorognen, ninuorognen, hylluodicon, phorognen, suorognen,

Many sound kinda weird or very similar to the original elements used as input. The less input words there are, the harder it is for it to generate fluid words that are not too samey to the input.

For example, here I used EMMA from Jane Austen as input, has about 162,292 useful words:

fowet, servinkes, indenante, privoly, betraid, dordining, coritevic, aring, ofusint, oughartur, did, sir, fommbablton, cormeng, obbon, aby, ritty, cournarks, fejul, fuche, gevan, bucky, peade, ale, swily, bay, sur, sovon, pribution, usenacepg, revalinen, ingeste, vanss, regally, atiossk, ocy, lioniticy, sualmercladak, hatibly, belided, retluse, oblioness, spt, afiedid, canty, prawbabow, det, coses, tranere, muntcrs, sulkint, coussin, lecth, breaton, wikepplic, hervenade, adoty, swing, unswbesen, rasst, intined, drivintmfomme, ineameved, composped, cerctii, propper, senyserer, incindrenty, soles, rok, waskensed, asiogit, swinghtfy, reinsit, derntefrd, ted, exerice, cus, disight, rordernic, frade, wexting, suincrdre, gavolldemed, abilner, muptioonpre, fegablogn, granves, sctered, pavin, sebtrurre, cowfids, rercris, pradicipose, loduisang, fatisct, pritive, eatisteed, glt, sulorss,

And even here are some words that can't really be spoken well...

Using a list of english male names as input:
kidey, bayte, dugelip, jeanven, gumando, edo, jumar, maxovan, jechton, rohaxis, trvic, waman, besston, orano, bro, payen, katckel, sartini, ede, bliendlel, mowen, zanturo, bidan, con, emangse, dan, wis, fersa, johen, chi, kivedri, rustope, ishas, grrer, edlegandy, hon, mayve, brlon, tydip, serry,

And english female names:
ger, liniane, marie, esperie, xinilinte, lon, madia, sitle, mayla, sakon, addyn, aline, zubra, canna, miene, mazly, mariona, kalisse, jaydala, sia, paith, piyah, matah, brela, eloah, chana, renna, lulie, han, linleah, minichlel, liana, keanedy, cisha, penla, karie, angel, miana, janirgh, elliele,

I should also add something that compares the generated words with the words from the input, to prevent it from reinventing actual words that are in the input already.

cispone, viscium, traelix, hatuntios, gliiote, corullibi, num, uncimitre, unpos, folericur, cabum, obuecon, dendeno, buatu, untuant, calos, orimagi, per, alorentum, cam, aps, rainsumis, len, minaste, satum, sus, nulle, vuitant, pvrticusa, cocumbule, motorco, messtus, apsasabum, cli, sundo, orium, lavaben, squabisca, cam, rephi, caratum, molatad, amaticete, bicaricas, exemi, color, caebrer, perianber, lanur, heris, ani, exvilludi, trevreliore, umylice, viculeras, parulenso, oclos, intui, bagis, astittras,

And French:
corturier, unscerome, phancortrit, fux, sontances, ses, dempard, tofon, sustinals, chine, sorrins, mullusmes, doitron, pagissioeux, diter, par, chaques, emaientemes, furgierssue, channevis, itrit, mal, pisau, blese, remes, pence, loufant, semeuraps, fuser, furienisaisse, couce, crant, aculvas, riles, imourence, londe, bon, itaisse, gix, mondeve, apeas, pamme, remetieurre, jentasa, rulatis, fagndance, fil, remes, nol, maturte, dille, lageurans, pan, jemppon, terce, santait, cogntatre, saletts, mevaves, fessens,
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: C:/Local Group/Milky Way/Orion Arm/Sol/Earth/Europe/Austria/Lower Austria/
Favourite genre of music: All kind of genres. I prefer a good melody
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Comic, Sci-Fi
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I listen to youtube
Shell of choice: shell? metal!!!?
Wallpaper of choice: Just a black screen
Skin of choice: normal human skin, noskin(ghost), metal
Personal Quote: No type of art can replace the reality. But art can improve the reality.



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